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The naprapath examines, prevents, diagnoses, treats, and rehabilitates and prevents pain conditions and impaired function in all parts of the locomotor organs. A naprapat always starts from the whole and takes into account physical as well as psychological and social factors that can contribute to the occurrence of pain and other problems. A naprapath is an expert in manual medicine and uses his hands in the various treatment techniques. Manipulation and mobilization aimed at restoring function in joints is combined with massage, connective tissue techniques and stretching aimed at the soft parts of the body.

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The manual treatment techniques are supplemented, if necessary, with electrotherapy such as TENS or shock wave therapy. Acupuncture is also sometimes used as an alternative in the treatment of, for example, pain. A very important part of the treatment is that the patient himself becomes involved in his rehabilitation and in preventing future problems - the naprapath therefore follows up the treatment with individual advice on exercise and ergonomics.

Naprapat's expertise in manual medicine is combined with good knowledge in medical subjects such as orthopedics and neurology. This means that a naprapath takes primary diagnostic responsibility and can decide whether the patient should be treated with naprapathy or perhaps sent on to a doctor for further investigation.

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