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Corporate massage

How can corporate massage help you as a company?

Company massage is part of the company's health care and helps your company reduce the risk of stress and tension that can lead to sick leave. Massage at work helps your staff to relax and become more productive and less stressed.

How do the wellness allowance and massage work?

Massage is included in what is deductible and tax-free health care according to the Swedish Tax Agency's rules. A prerequisite is that the treatment is offered to all employees and that the massage takes place at the workplace, at the wellness company or at a gym or similar.

What applies to you as an employer

As an employer, you book company massages and ensure that we have premises to work in and offer the staff this as a tax-free benefit. We provide the equipment, you just need to provide a suitable, separate room. We install all equipment and arrange all accessories. We make sure that it is the same therapist who comes every time. Each work shift is a maximum of 6 hours, which corresponds to 12 treatments. The cost is deductible for you as an employer.

Agreement & Prices

An agreement with us at the Physiokliniken provides security and stability and purposeful health work at the company at the right price.  

For more information about our prices or a quote, contact us at info@fysiokliniken.se and we will get back to you within 24 hours

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