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Health care allowance

Wellness allowance massage

Many employers in Sweden offer wellness benefits to their employees. You can benefit from the wellness allowance for our treatments. An attractive solution for your employees is for the therapist to come to your workplace. In this way, the massage treatment becomes easily accessible to everyone.

Health care is profitable

In today's sedentary society, the demands to actively take care of the body are increasing when the opportunity is given. Being sedentary and the lack of movement is one of the biggest causes of ill health. Physical and mental ill-health affects your company negatively as it creates poorer well-being and poorer productivity. Massage is an effective way to both reduce tension and increase well-being. Investing in health care, e.g. massage is therefore a profitable investment in both the long and short term.

What does the Swedish Tax Agency say about massage as wellness

According to the Swedish Tax Agency's rules, wellness allowances must cover all employees in order to be a deductible and tax-free employee benefit. Most exercise activities are covered by the wellness allowance, but also wellness-promoting treatments such as massage. However, chiropractic and naprapathy do not count as health care but as rehabilitative treatments.

We guarantee safe deliveries

We collaborate with the industry council Swedish Massage Certified Masseurs as well as licensed therapists approved by the National Board of Health and Welfare, all with full patient and liability insurance.

  • To the greatest extent possible, the same therapist comes on each occasion, otherwise we replace with a substitute
  • The therapist is certified according to the Industry Council for Swedish Massage, as well as ensured internally by us
  • Regular evaluations and feedback are done during the year to ensure customer satisfaction

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